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Lately I’ve been inspired by all the DIY posts I’ve been seeing, so I decided to do one of my own. Nothing too fancy, just keeping it simple, and with Easter coming up this weekend what’s better than DIY chocolates? And it will only take you 10 minutes or less to prepare.

You will need a chocolate mold. I got this one from my local Reject Shop for $4 (it’s pretty cute). And you will of course need chocolate! You can choose any kind you like (dark, white, or dairy milk).

First you need to half fill a sauce pan with water. Put it on the stove on medium heat. You will also need a bowl which is big enough to sit on top of the sauce pan and heat resistant.

Once the water has begun to heat you can place the chocolate into the bowl. The steam from the  water will heat the bowl enough for the chocolate to melt without burning it. Make sure you stir every now and then to circulate the heat.

Once the chocolate is melted and runny with no lumps you can turn the burner down to low. You can now start spooning the chocolate into the mold. Be careful not to over fill the mold otherwise it won’t have a flat bottom and will have untidy edges once it has set.

When you have finished filling the mold place it in the fridge for about an hour. Depending on what kind of mold you have and its size, the fridge time may vary.

Once the chocolate has set you can remove them from the mold. How cute are they!?

You can present them any way you like. If they are a gift you can put them in a small clear cellophane bag tied at the top with a coloured ribbon, or you could wrap them individually in coloured foil. – Enjoy!!

I used 300g of chocolate which made 20 chocolates (2 molds).

I hope you liked my first DIY – if you have an Easter related DIY I’d love to see it, link me!