This blog is a place where I am able to upload photos and thoughts about one of my life loves; fashion!

I’m still unsure of what type of career I want, so I’ve decided to start this blog in hope of my fashion passion growing and hopefully leading me in a better direction.

Somethings you may want to know about me:
• my style is girly, vintage, and playful
• I enjoy looking at what others are wearing (while at the same time being jealous)
• I love nature, I think it’s beautiful (so if there are random photos of outside on here this is why)
• writing has always been on of my passions, I’m just unsure what type of writing I want to pursue
• I wouldn’t mind moving to Sydney one day
• I want to travel a lot!

I hope you enjoy my blog, I’m new at it so any feedback would be appreciated :) and please follow me! X

P.S. The photo above is of me before my 21st, make up and hair by Dolly Mixture.

    • Jess said:

      Aw thank you, means a lot x

  1. lessontoheed said:

    Diana Agron almost looks like you, but doesn’t look quite as pretty. Good luck with your blogging, Ms. Fashionista! You’re off to a good start.

  2. I love your makeup! I just found your blog today and recently started to blog again myself. I can’t wait to read your blog more!

    • Jess said:

      Thank you, and I’m glad you like my blog, it means a lot :)

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