South Australian model, Shanna Jackway appears in Vogue Australia

Image: The Advertiser, April 7 2012, pg 61.

I couldn’t believe it, when I read the above article I recognised the name immediately. Shanna Jackway – where had I heard that name before, I thought to myself, then it hit me. I’d watched one of her fashion shoots for The Adelaide* Magazine in September last year.

Last year I was lucky enough to do work experience at The Adelaide* Magazine which is published monthly and comes free in The Advertiser (Adelaide’s newspaper). I went along on one of the photo shoots where I met Shanna. She was beautiful and seemed very bubbly and happy. She brang along her own music and sung and bopped away in between shots.

These are the photos from the shoot taken from The Adelaide* Magazine November 2011 issue.



And these are the images from the May issue of Vogue Australia (on sale now) sourced from

Isn’t she gorgeous, and I’m loving that white dress!

Yay for Adelaide talent! What do you think of her look?

  1. Aaw this is a great little story! It’s lovely when people who really deserve it become successful.

    I really love her face. She has a very interesting quality to it- very innocent and almost fearful. I love quirky faces like that.

    Good on her!


  2. Joyce said:

    I love the way she models, her facial expressions are really cool :)

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