The See-Through Dress


If you haven’t already heard, this is The See-Through Dress, also known as the Intamacy 2.0. The dress appears as above, but when the woman wearing it becomes aroused and her heart beat increases the dress’s material (leather and smart e-foils) detects this and becomes transparent .

The creator of Intamacy 2.0, Dann Roosegaarde has already won design awards for his new creation which he says “explores the relationship between intimacy and technology.”

What an interesting concept and design. But I’m not sure I’d actually wear it. What do you think?

  1. meghanalfano said:

    the dress is gorgeous!!! it’s an interesting concept for sure.


    • Jess said:

      I love it’s design, but would be too worried if it went see through! haha

  2. Ummmm, what if your heart rate increases for another reason? Coffee after dinner…you are dancing or taking the stairs?
    Could be V-embrassing!

    • Jess said:

      This is true, I was thinking the same thing just before! Would be very awkward, I guess they need to think it through a little more..

  3. Joyce said:

    The dress is beautiful and it is such a cool idea! But I don’t think I would ever wear it because it would just be too scary if it went see through all of a sudden :(

    • Jess said:

      I agree, it’s a cool idea, but not sure if women would actually wear it

  4. Devorah said:

    I wouldn’t wear it although it’s a cool concept!! I see it more as magazine or runway fashion as opposed to meant to be worn fashion:)
    Great blog hun!

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