Graduation and Lunch at Rigoni’s

Last week I graduated from university! Yay! It was a lovely sunny morning in Adelaide and excitement was in the air. We put our gowns and hats on and proceeded to the theatre where we all sat awaiting our family and friends to fill the empty seats behind us.

The theatre was soon full and the ceremony began. In single file we walked back stage. Nerves were building. Then it was my turn. I remember walking out on stage toward the chancellor who would give me my certificate. That’s all I remember until I reached the other side of the stage. The rest was a blur.

The best part of the day was finding my parents in the foyer after the ceremony. We took photos and they gave me a cute graduation bear. By this time it was about 12.30pm. We made our way to Leigh Street where we had a reservation at Rigoni’s for lunch.

Leigh Street is only small but has real character; cobbled stone instead of bitumen and black street lamps, along with cute shops, a mens barber and nice places to eat.

The following are the photos I took during our lunch.


Established 1979 – specialising in Italian food

Love the tiled entrance


The view from our table – there’s the cute street lamps

Amazing salad!


The bar

My graduation bear

Just after the ceremony

And what I wore underneath. Mum took this as I was walking to the car – and that’s my cat haha. This is one of my favourite dresses; I can dress it up or down and the colour is different and goes with a lot.

Free Fusion Peter Pan dress.

  1. congrats! I still have a ways to go! 2 more for my bachelors and another year for my masters, so 3 yrs. till I’m all done

    • Jess said:

      Thank you :) don’t worry, time flys – good luck!!

    • Jess said:

      Thanks Marly, who gives out the award? I haven’t heard of it before x

    • Jess said:

      Thanks Catherine :) xx

  2. Congrats on graduating the Real World!
    Please accept my apologies for what you are about to endure…

  3. so cute it kills me~~ peter pan collar dresses! im working an a diy for it right now! super excited

    • Jess said:

      I love colars at the moment! Can’t wait to see your DIY :) xx

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