Furry Nice

Sass fur jacket, Supre` top, Sass skirt, Colette necklace, Forever New boots.

I love this outfit. My parents got me the fur jacket as a graduation present last week so I worked the outfit around it. I’ve had the boots since last winter which I wore non-stop; they’re an essential for any winter wardrobe. The top and necklace were cheap finds which match really well. I also decided to curl my hair which gives the outfit a bit of a 70’s look.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend :)

  1. Once again, you are stunning! I love what you’ve done with your hair and this outfit suits you beautifully!

  2. You love lovely, love your boots and fur jacket, what a great graduation present!


      • Jess said:

        Thanks Giuliana :)

  3. Nice clothing. If you can have the sun face you so it can be used as natural light and for closer shots frame the photos from above the knee for waist up pictures.


  4. First, I like your post. Second in response your group question about your blog. I really like the fact that it is a clean, simple feel. Not over crowed with nonsense…

  5. Eva said:

    I love your curled hair, it looks so pretty! Your red necklace is killer too, I really like it. I’m really into chokers-not those weird 90’s wire ones-especially brightly colored ones. I think chokers have a bad reputation, which is sad because they’re amazing.

    I love your blog! I can’t wait to start working with you on Atelier Indigo!
    xx Eva

    • Jess said:

      Thanks Eva :)
      I’m looking forward to it too! xx

  6. Jess said:

    I just love 70s style! This outfit looks great on you and you have the most stunning face. I adore my fur coat but am only able to wear it in winter as it’s so big and fluffy. The draped top and suede boots are great and the red just adds a bit of a colour pop! I’ve also just started blogging too! So addictive, isn’t it?

    • Jess said:

      Thanks Jess! I know the fur can get a bit hot, but luckily Australia is heading for winter at the moment so I’ll be able to wear it more often :)
      Yes, I love blogging now, so glad I started x

  7. Liya said:

    found ur blog thhru ifb. Looking good, love the furriness ;)


    • Jess said:

      Thank you :) I’ll have a look at your blog when I’m home from work xx

    • Jess said:

      Thank you for all your comments, very kind!

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