Pieces of Me – Book Worm

It’s not very often I wear my glasses but since I’ve started blogging I’ve been spending a lot of (maybe too much) time on my laptop, so I’ve dusted them off and begun wearing them again! Plus they make me look extra smart ;)


Before I begun this blog I really enjoyed reading and getting lost in a good story. So I’ve also decided to start off my love for books again. These are some of the books in my shelf that I’ve already read (except for Gone with the Wind, and Summer in the City – I’ll get there though!).


And of course some fashion reads! Dressing Marilyn has some amazing images and illustrations.


Yesterday I was walking past a second hand book store and decided to go in (I’d never been in one before). Luckily enough I found a book from one of my favourite authors – Jill Mansell. It was only $7 so I got it. It got me thinking; even though the book is old and second hand, the story it self hasn’t changed – it’s still as good as when it was first published. I’m definitely going to be shopping in second hand book shops from now on. It’s so much cheaper you can find some real gems!


I’ve already started reading it!
What’s your favourite book/author?

  1. If there’s one thing even better than falling in love with reading and books, it’s doing it again after a hiatus of some form! :P
    Funnily enough, my favourite book is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, but my favourite author is actually Louis de Bernieres (probably most famous for writing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin).
    Hope you enjoy reading your new finds! :)
    And hooray for being Australian! :P I always get excited when I find another Aussie blogger haha

  2. My favourite author is Margaret Atwood, I think. I adore Philip Larkin but I’m not sure if he really counts as an author since he is a poet.

    Literature is one of my favourite things. It really is so important, I think.


    • Jess said:

      It is important, reading is one of my favourite things to do :)

  3. I think you look great with glasses!!!
    I use to wear them too, but I got laser, which is great cause now I see better… but sometimes I’d like to wear my old red Chanel glasses, just because they looked so cool!!!

    • Jess said:

      Thanks :) yes glasses are a cute accessorie

  4. The glasses do enhance your overall look,young lady! Very nice!

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