A few words with Feathers + Futons

The young lady behind Feathers + Futons: Lindsay

Age: 19

Location: Raleigh, NC

Why did you decide to start Feathers and Futons?

I decided to start Feathers + Futons as a fresh start. I had been blogging on another blog and just did not like the direction it was going. So, I decided to delete it and start from scratch. Not once have I ever regretted my decision to do so.

How would you describe your blog?

I would describe my blog as a little bit of everything- fashion, beauty, decor, and most importantly, design. Some people do not like that I do not blog about one thing, such as fashion. But I just post what I like. This is because if you don’t post what you like, then chances are you will just stop blogging.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

What I enjoy most about blogging is meeting other bloggers and interacting with them. Through blogging I have made many great friends, found my love for graphic design, and have had amazing experiences. I also love the ability to share images, ideas, fashion, and more with so many people.

In three words describe your personal style.

I can give you two- Classic and Color. I am one of those people who buy all of the basics and then purchases a few statement pieces. That way I can mix and match. I know it isn’t very exciting, but it works for me!

What is your favourite outfit? Describe it to us.

My favorite outfit is one that is Classic and Comfy. It consists of my favorite jeans- New York and Co. Skinny Bootcut. I would then pair it with a white v-neck, some silver flats, and a bright necklace. I believe that you don’t need to go all out to look good. That, and it would be a little weird to go grocery shopping in heels in the suburbs.

You will soon be the Editor-In-Chief of the soon to be launched online magazine ‘Poppy’, what can readers expect?

The short answer- readers can expect a lot. Poppy is a completely blogger run magazine. This means that we are on the lookout for bloggers who are interested in joining the team. This magazine is all about embracing the blogging community and will have everything- fashion, beauty, decor, design, fun interviews, and amazing opportunities. I am extremely excited about what is to come with this magazine.

Visit Feathers + Futons: http://feathersandfutons.blogspot.com
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