Point Me in the Right Direction



I’ve had my heart set on a pair of heels just like these; they’re classy, they’ll go with almost anything and I’m in love with points! I found this pair today by RMK shoes and they look gorgeous on (this photo doesn’t do them justice), and then I remembered another pair I’d seen a month or so ago that I also fell in love with. 



Ta-da! Aren’t they amazing?! Tony Bianco you’ve done it again! Only problem is is they’ve sold out of my size. Yes, my heart has broken a little..I need these shoes! Does anyone know where I can find a pair? I need a 6.5, or do you prefer the RMK’s? 

  1. Omg I’ve been dying for a pair of black pointed pimps and I finally scored a Coach pair …so chic ! Goes with everything !

    Oh yes , I saw your post under my chictopia , SURE you can be a daily Stylista ! Just go to the page and on the top , click the link and email me there … And I will put your blog on my blog roll , but remember to follow back so I can keep you updated :)

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