Must have for Winter


The denim shirt. I saw a girl wearing one the other week and as soon as I got home I was online looking for my own; I just had to have one! As everyone knows denim goes with everything and can add a bit of colour to an outfit. I love how you can wear the shirt open (as above) with a casual T-shirt underneath or done up with leggins or tucked into a nice pair of black jeans and heels for a dressier look.

Why you need a denim shirt:
• it’s easy to chuck over whatever you are wearing
• it goes with pretty much anything
• perfect for those chilly but not too cold days (easily rolled up or down sleeves)
• dress it up or down
• and it’s comfy!

The pieces Denim shirt from Celebrity Style (online), Elwood tshirt, and Cotton On shorts.






Please excuse my bad photography, I’m still new at this.
Hope you have an amazing day! X

  1. Cecilia said:

    I’m simply adore denim shirts! Unfortunately I don’t have any! You look stunning!

    • Jess said:

      You should definitely get one! Mine was only $40 (including postage).
      And thank you :)

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